Pomorie: Ancient-Thracian domed tomb

I spent so many summer days near Pomorie as a child, but at that time I had no idea about the so interesting Thracian domed tomb located there… A couple of years ago I came across a post about the tomb and after a while I visited that amazing place. Although the temple is little-known, the access to it is quite easy and convenient. You can get there by car.

Ancient-Thracian domed tomb near Pomorie
Ancient-Thracian domed tomb near Pomorie

Where is it?

This antique dome tomb is located near Pomorie, only 5 kilometers west of the town. If you come from Burgas, the turnoff to it is just before Pomorie to the left of the road near the local aqua park. Be careful! This turn is not very convenient, and in addition, there is a lot of traffic in the summer. I would advise you to continue ahead to Pomorie and to use the very close roundabout.

After the turn you go on a narrow road through orchards and soon you’ll find yourself in a small parking lot, to the right of which is the tomb. There are signs about the place, so no chance of dropping it. Only the turnoff to the left of the main road is a special moment, as it is not well marked and it is a bit dangerous (better use the roundabout that I mentioned).

What is interesting about the Thracian tomb near Pomorie

The tomb, also considered as a temple, was dating back to II – IV century AD, the time of the Roman era in our lands. It is one of the largest found here in Bulgaria.

Thracian tomb near Pomorie: the impressive dromos
Thracian tomb near Pomorie: the impressive dromos

The tomb consists of a large circular room with a diameter of about 12 meters and a 22-meter-long dromos corridor leading to this circular room. In the middle of the room there is a thick hollow column. The column is more than a meter in diameter and rises to the surface of the tomb. Inside the column there are traces of а spiral staircase that led upwards in the very past.

 Inside the column - look up
Inside the column – look up

According to experts, the temple has the architecture of a Roman mausoleum (heroon), but because it is formed in a mound, it is uniquely associated with the Thracians.

The tomb was first explored and described by the Shkorpil brothers in the late 19th century. Even then she was robbed, unfortunately.

Inside the temple
Inside the temple

In conclusion, the Ancient-Thracian domed tomb near Pomorie is a real find for lovers of such sites. If you go to Burgas in the summer, I recommend the tomb as an interesting place.

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