What is to be a travel blogger in Bulgaria

A lot of people have asked me what is to be a travel blogger or just blogger and what motivates me to do it. This is why I decided to share my thoughts, feelings and impressions as a travel blogger.

What is to be a travel blogger

Long time after I created the blog it was a bit strange for me to be called blogger, but with time more or less I got accustomed to this.

And so – what does it mean to be a blogger? The short answer is related mainly with the blog and with much more things besides it.

The long answer…

It means curiosity, when you decide to start something new, creates quickly a blog, although it is not so clear how far you can go with this. At least, that was my case. Still, I was aware that I was traveling much more than normal and had a lot to say about the places I saw.

A travel blogger - adventures

It means inquisitiveness, when you get more aware of the blog related things and step by step you learn how to do this job – blogging. It requires a lot of skills you have to master. You learn from other blogs that you admire – you get what you like and you fit it for yourself. You are starting to look for more information on how to make a successful blog, follow thematic sites, apply what you learned, and try different ways.

A lot of trips, new places, and people – you are a travel blogger at the end, so traveling is one of your first loves.

A travel blogger - adventures

Well, there is some inconvenience from time to time as you need to be alert and absorb all the details and impressions of place and travel so that you can pass it on to your readers correctly. Sometimes you take notes; sometimes you take a lot of shoots of the small details, so you do not forget something afterwards.

A travel blogger - take notes

Often you have to “arm yourself” with enough food and water to see as many places as you can, without worrying about where to eat.

A travel blogger - bring enough food and water

To be a blogger means the opportunity for personal expression that your blog and social networks give you.

It means being a part of community, when you meet other travel bloggers and understand that you are not alone.

Travel bloggers community

It means recognition, when numerous your readers and followers give you their feedback with gratitude for the directions, ideas, inspiration and advises. Well, there’s a little hate sometimes, but it’s rather an exception.

It means excitement to feel sometimes like a star, when you are invited to an interview in a national electronic media.

In the media

It means little awards in form of an invitation to various partnerships, tours, and product trials.

A travel blogger - satisfaction

It means satisfaction, when a partner calls you and tells you that tourists have come, after reading about the place or service in your blog.

It means sometimes amazement, when just launched commercial sites and FB pages ask to use your photos and texts in return of advertising on totally unknown sites without any traffic or on a FB page with 38 fans.

It means clear understanding that being a travel blogger in Bulgaria is a hobby, not a profession.

A travel blogger - inspiration

But after all, I think, to be a blogger means the satisfaction of the trips, the preparation of the articles, the moments of learning new things, the personal expression, and the fact that you manage to inspire many others.

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