Zelenka beach, Northern Black Sea coast

Zelenka is a small picturesque bay with a rocky beach, located northwest of the rocky Cape Kaliakra and with a wonderful view of it. Zelenka beach is not very popular, but it is well known among the locals and on weekends it can be a bit crowded . The sea water here has a greenish color, hence the name of the bay.

Zelenka Bay
Zelenka Bay

My first encounter with Zelenka beach took place a long time ago and was by water. We kayaked there on a dizzying kayaking adventure. Years after that we went to the beach and overland.

How to get to Zelenka beach

Zelenka is located 3 kilometers southeast of the village of Bulgarevo. A narrow and a bit rutted asphalt road leads very close to the bay. The road can be traveled by car. It is convenient to park above the beach and continue on foot.

Kayaking to Zelenka beach
Kayaking to Zelenka beach

In addition, the distance from Bulgarevo to the beach is not long and can be reached on foot in about 40-45 minutes, and by bike in less time.

To go to Zelenka Bay, from Bulgarevo you have to take the road to Cape Kaliakra and one kilometer after the end of the village, take the road that branches off to the right. It will take you over the bay.

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