Thank you for being here! I am glad that you want to know more about me and the blog!

My name is Elena Ivanova, but almost everyone calls me Eli. I work as a web developer, but in my spare time I am an avid tourist.

Almost five years ago I created the blog Drumi v dumi (roughly translated in English as Paths in words). The idea behind the blog was to give useful and quality information about the places I visit (mostly in Bulgaria).

I am glad to say that currently Drumi v dumi is one of the top Bulgarian travel blogs. The blog presents cultural and historical sites, natural beauties, walking and excursion ideas, interesting routes and eco paths, useful information and practical advises through the author’s personal impressions.

A lot of people have told me recently to translate the blog in English so that more people get to know about Bulgaria and its beauties. At the beginning I did not dare to do it mainly because the name of the blog was just in Bulgarian and it does not mean anything in English. But I gradually ventured to translate some of the articles. I hope more English content will go very soon.

I would love to read your comments and advises about the blog and about the places described.